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Agape Dei

What Is It?

Agape Dei is a Parish-level organization of the lay apostolate. It is a group of men and women committed to living an Apostolic life, full of passion for the Lord and continuing the work of Christ and His Apostles on earth, fulfilling the Baptismal Covenant every Catholic enters into with God.

Members focus their lives on the flow of God's Grace, passionately and dutifully passing on the Grace they receive to those around them. They position their lives to help those around them, both within the Parish and in the community at large.

In addition, members strengthen their relationship and journey with Christ by incorporating the interconnected concepts of Faith, Worship, and Apostolic Action into their lives. This promotes a balanced approach to living a life rich in God's Grace.

What Does It Do?

Members of Agape Dei worship, pray, study, and work together, engaging in projects according to their personal ministry, including (but not limited to) Evangelization, Apologetics, and Charity in all environments they come in contact with.

How Does It Work?

Members begin by attending an Agape Dei Retreat Weekend (separate closed weekends are held annually for men and women), during which they discover or affirm a personal ministry and an understanding of our mission as Catholics. After the Retreat, Members attend one of several regular Reunion meetings and engage in group worship, study, and activities.

Who Can Belong?

Anyone who feels called to being an Apostle of Christ, and is passionate about it.

How Do I Start?

By attending a Retreat Weekend, or, if the next weekend is not soon enough, and you want to get started, by attending our Reunions. Agape Dei Retreat Weekends only have 12 slots for candidates, so space is limited and attendance is by sponsorship only. For those who have not attended a Retreat Weekend, Reunion attendance is by approval only. To look into signing up, or ask more questions, call the Agape Dei contact in the St. Joseph Bulletin.

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